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How to Claim Free Account Or Create A Business at

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How to Claim Free Account Or Create A Business.

First you need to sign up. You may Sign up with your E-mail, Facebook, or Google.



When Signing up with e-mail you need to provide a new password. If you sign up with Facebook enter your password. If you sign up with Google also enter your password.

You will be redirected to this screen when you sign up. You do not have a subscription yet. You need to be on a subscription level to create a business or businesses. Click on Membership Account.
You have now clicked on Membership Account. Next Click on Membership Level.
Select your Membership Level. You are entitled to a Free 30 Day Subscription on the FREE level. Now that you have slected your level the site will guide you through the Check Out.
Your are Now on the Check Out and need to Submit and Confirm. The blue button at the bottom of the screen.
Your Order is now Processing as seen above the blue button on the Check Out screen.
After Processing you will be redirected to the User Dashboard. From there you can confirm your subscription level and upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time

Click on your Name-Username at the top of the screen and Select
After you have select My Business you will be able to Add New Business.
From here you will be able to add a New Business with Logo, Title, Descripting, Category, and Icon. Clcik the Next button and Follow the Steps. This is Step 1.
This is Step 2. From here you can add your business hours and times for the entire week.
In Step 3 you add you business address, contact info and location. You can also add Social Media links here. Continue to the last and final step to creat your business.
In the Last Step you can choose to leave comments ON/OFF and add tags to make your page on DOMworld more visible. Take your time on the Tags. When you are done. Click Create Business.
From Here we can see that your business has been created and you can click to manage it.
From here you can also View, Edit, and Delete your business.

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