Frequently Asked Questions

When moving and choosing a company with which to work there are often many questions.  The J.J. Cabus Moving Company would like to address some of the more commonly asked questions here. Click the question and you will be taken to the answer.

1.  Can the J.J. Cabus Moving Co. provide boxes?

  • Answer: Yes. We can get boxes of any size and most likely cheaper than you can get them at any big box store. The earliest we know the better chances of getting the right sizes and number of boxes to you promptly.

2.  How much notice is needed before a move?

  • Answer:  We can and have moved people with 24 hour notice.  Meaning, if you needed to move tomorrow, it maybe possible to fit you in our schedule.  It is to your advantage to book at least a week if not more ahead of time.  When you get too close to your moving date it is often we have to tell you what time we will start your move.  If you were to book several weeks or months ahead then you can tell us what time to be there.

3.  What are you methods of payment?

  • Answer: We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard and American Express

4. Can you provide a DO NOT EXCEED estimate?

  • Answer:  Yes.  Most of our estimates are done over the phone.  However, if you desire a do not exceed amount, it is mandatory that we come and look at your move in person.

5.  What are your hourly rates?

  • Answer:  Two man crew is $75 per hour.  Three man crew is $95 per hour.  Larger size crews for business and commercial purposes can be discussed.  The decision for what size crew you need is based on what will save you the most money.

6.  Can we use your guys to load or unload our truck or POD?

  • Answer:  Yes.  We will load or unload any truck or mobile storage device.

7.  What is Travel Time?

  • Answer:  The J.J. Cabus Moving Co. charges an hourly fee.  There are no fees for shrink wrap, insurance, fuel charges or any sur charges what so ever.  However, on your itemized bill you will see a “Travel Charge”.  This is NOT an extra fee.  It is rather a definition of time.  When our crews are traveling they are still on the clock.  if the distance is large and a meal is needed or even an over night stay you will not be charged for this time.  You will only be charged for the time that they are traveling.  For local moves where travel is of no big value we do not list travel.  It is important to understand that this is not an extra fee but a definition of time.

8. Are there any tips to help with packing?

  • Answer:  The biggest tip for packing is to leave your clothing in any dresser or chest of drawers (Chester Drawers if in the south).  If there is any jewelry or liquids in the drawers those will need to be removed. Other than those things leave the clothing in the drawers and we will remove the entire fixture.  This will save you some time packing and upacking and also several boxes.  It is also advised that you handle all your medicines.  See also question 10 for some appliance tips

9. What does your insurance cover?

  • Answer:  We carry insurance to cover damage of furniture.  This does NOT cover any pressed wood items.  We are super careful with your furniutre and belongings.  However, pressed wood furniture, even though it has greatly improved in quality recently, can break easily.  These items are not covered by insurance.  Also, if we find any damage to an item before we load it we will bring it to your attention so you are aware the damage was not of our doing.

10. Any special appliance packing instructions?

  • Answer: If you have a front load washer and dryer make sure the security bolts that came with the washer are in place. There are 4 holes in the back of the washer these bolts easily thread and this keeps the washer from being destroyed during transport.  This is mandatory. The washer will not be removed without the bolts.  If you can’t get them in we can install them for youAlso, Plasma televisions are different than LCD or LED televisions.  They need to remain in an upright position.  If you have a plasma television and you remove it from the wall, please keep it in the upright position.

11.  What can we do to save money for our move?

  • Answer: Because we work by the hour anything you can do to save us time will save you money.  If you already have your bed apart that will save us time.  Having all boxes packed and ready to go will save time.

12. Do we offer packing services?

  • Answer:  Yes, we do offer packing services and also we will clean up your home or apartment to your specifications after the move is complete.

13. Do you remove items from the wall and replace them in new residence?

  • ANSWER:  Most of the time the answer is no.  If we remove T.V. wall brackets or other similar hardware from the wall and there is drywall damage, then we can be held liable. So we do our best to refrain from removing anything.  It is in your best interest to have all items off the all and ready to go.  On the rare occasion we do remove items there is a waiver which must be signed the releases us from any and all potential damages.