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What is DOMworld?

DOMworld is poised to take the physical world web to the next level. What is a physical world web you ask? Well you guess may or may not be as good as ours. Let’s discuss that in the comments section below. We would love to hear any and all ideas that would help make everyday living my intrevenous with the world web.  Cannot wait to hear some ideas.


or Document Object Model

The Document Object Model is the basic foundation for the internet and webpages. It is the fundamental structure for the way webpages are served and viewed. Just like our surrounding world there is a certain founding principle that is other worldly that helps us see this life the way we do.


Wide Web

With the idea that 6 degress separates us is the same way we see the world “web”. Intertwined with the world and people around us interacting subconsciously and ultimatly determining the way we precieve our lives. Somedays great others not so much determined by the environment reacting around us. We create our own outcome everyday but it can also affect others. Such is life.



The basic gradient that DOMincorporated has built upon since day 1 has helped us distinguish the diffences through the web by categorically separating the different places, activites, and items we interact with daily in the web. Maybe subconsciously you are generally attracted to one and there is a certain physcology behind the way you interact with people, places, and things. We think we did a pretty good job at helping distinguish the difference and associating the categories with the masses to help better communicate through gradient.

Our Objective

Create an Affiliate Environment through the World Wide Web while creating a marketing and linking stucture to help better serve web results based on location and keywords. Subscriptions are required at the momement while we build the data base and broaden our systems. The is also a points based system that users can buy or trade between each other to trigger centain actions. Just don’t call the points a security. Atleast not yet.


Our subscriptions are priced fairly based upon current web hosting prices and provide a secure environment to interact with customers through the web. The Physicality of our World will eventually shine through and you will have a better understanding of how this will all intertwine and all-together better your business in the real world!

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